I’m a nature and wildlife photographer based in Italy. Born in a small town in the beautiful green Tuscany region, I grew up spending a lot of time in the nature, hiking and exploring the mountains and the woods, which represent my favorite natural environment. This has established a huge love in me for the natural world and the wildlife that lives within it. For me this love goes far beyond the concept of feeling, and I consider it like a powerful connection between man and nature. This connection is the main reason that made me approach photography at the first place.

With a great passion for travel and exploration, I started my neverending journey around the world in order to experience and capture the amazing beauties of our planet. During my travels I extend my photography to other fields to be able to absorb the essence and the history of the locations visited better even though I mainly focus on nature and wildlife. And my first trip to Africa was just the perfect reminder for that. Every travel represents a real lesson of life to me, a lesson which I never want to stop learning. I don’t feel like I have only one home, I consider the whole Earth as my home.

Through my photography I would like to share the magic and the wonders of our planet, and convey the same emotions I experience through my connection with nature, hopefully to be able to sensitize people on this. The Earth is amazing, but it is also a delicate environment, as delicate as all the living creatures we can find in it. If I will be able to raise people’s awareness of this fragility and educate them to understand the impact that we as human beings have on it, and commit themselves to individually develop a conservative attitude, my goal will be accomplished.

I welcome you to explore my website and my photography world. There is a unique freedom that comes only when we are immersed in the wilderness. I encourage everybody to try to establish this kind of connection and experience this freedom by spending time in the nature, travelling, discovering, exploring, listening to the sound of the water flowing in the rivers and the chirping of the birds in the woods, observing the animals in their natural habitat, following the call of the wild. That’s how the true essence and beauty of our planet can be discovered.

Mirko Chianucci - Nature & Wildlife Photographer

Mirko Chianucci nature & wildlife photographer